Wigs on the NHS

NHS Wigs

Please note that a new system came into force on May 1st 2016 and we will be amending this page as necessary.

To receive wigs on the NHS your first port of call is your GP or your oncologist.  You will need to be suffering from Alopecia or have hair loss from chemotherapy.

For alopecia he or she will need to refer you to see a dermatologist at your local hospital.  The dermatologist will then asses your hair loss and, if necessary, create a prescription for you.

For chemotherapy hair loss your specialist create a prescription for you.

You will be advised of which local wig specialist you can choose to visit.  Glenn James are one of the specialists contracted by Lincoln County Hospital.

The Surgical Appliance department will inform Glenn James that you are entitled to wigs.  You will also need to make an appointment with Glenn James directly so that they can help you choose the best wig for you.  You are currently entitled to two wigs per year.

There is a charge per wig, which you may not have to pay if you are on certain benefits.  Full details can be found on the NHS Help with health costs page.


Glenn James

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